Stephen Moyer Music offers full music production services including writing sessions, arranging, tracking, mixing and mastering. With over 7 years in the business and having helped clients go from no foot in the game to receiving millions of streams on Spotify, Stephen Moyer Music will help turn your simple song idea to a fully mastered and ready to release single.


     Ever since Stephen started playing piano at the age of 8, music played a huge part in his life. He would spend countless hours writing melodies and recording songs on his family's Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. At the age of 14 he took up the guitar and a few years later he would form his own band. Recording music evolved through the years as he bought his first pieces of gear, and through recording family and friends and word of mouth, he developed a thriving career that was driven only be the love of music. Stephen has worked with artists including Dick Van Dyke, songwriter/producer Lauren Christy (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Bebe Rexha), Evie Clair (America's Got Talent top 10), William Joseph, and has helped up and coming artists receive millions of streams on Spotify, Apply Music, etc.